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Citrix VDA Servers get Unregistered from Delivery Controllers Intermittently after upgrade to Xendesktop 7.15 CU2

October 22, 2018

It happened again. To try and fix one issue with Citrix Xendesktop 7.15 CU1 , we got into another issue by upgrading to Citrix 7.15 CU2.  I hope Citrix (#Citrix) takes note of this major issue . The reason we upgraded to 7.15 CU2 was that as we were facing flickering issues with CU1. To… Read More ›

Xendesktop 7.15 :- Screen starts to Flicker \ User are facing Black Screen as and when Launching ICA Session

Hi Guys, This blog is continuation of my previous blog on screen flickering . If you haven’t read that then you can go and check out  the following link. The last fix was kind of a manual fix but this resolution should fix it from the VDA servers without any intervention from users. I have… Read More ›

After upgrading from Xendesktop 7.15- CU1 to Xendesktop 7.15- CU2 :- Temporary User Profiles Received Instead of Citrix Profile Management Profiles

Hi Guys , I am back with a new blog and this time I want to highlight an issue which might come when you upgrade from Xendesktop 7.15- CU1 to Xendesktop 7.15- CU02 . I initiated the upgrade on Saturday night and when I came office on Monday morning I got flooded with incidents that… Read More ›

When we turn on receiver the screen starts to Flicker in Citrix 7.15

  Hi Guys , Today I am writing about an issue which happens when users logon to Citrix receiver or login through the Storefront website in an Xenapp 7.15 CU1 environment . The screen will go completely black or it will start to flicker . This issue will generally happen when  the user is using… Read More ›

Slowness of ICA sessions when connecting to Citrix XenApp 7.15 due to Interface Flaps on NetScaler


Do not upgrade Citrix receiver from 4.10 to 4.11

Hi guys ,   This is a quick post . If you are using Citrix receiver 4.10 and you upgrade to 4.11 , all hell will break loose in your Citrix environment . If you want to know how to fix the issues which come when you upgrade to 4.11 from 4.10 please follow along… Read More ›

Deploying Citrix Receiver through SCCM and enabling SSON

Hi Guys , We are deploying Citrix Receiver through SCCM and we will enable Single sign on so that user does not have to enter the credentials to connect to Citrix Store front . We need to be able to provide all the functionality to the user without  him having to open Google Chrome, Internet… Read More ›