SCCM Client Failure Error:Failed to download client files by BITS. Error 0x800704dd

Hi Guys ,

I am back with a new blog . This blog is about the SCCM client installation .I experienced this issue when I saw new Windows 10 computers which I imaged not able to download the content . Even though the client is added into proper boundary and assigned to a Distribution point.

Hence I thought to remove the client and reinstall . Once I removed the client it will not install and fail with the following error :

  • Failed to download from DP , error 0x800704dd.          ccmsetup           2018/11/16 16:55:21     18184 (0x4708)
  • Adding file ‘http://:80/CCM_Client/x64/WindowsFirewallConfigurationProvider.msi’ to BITS job, saving as ‘C:\WINDOWS\ccmsetup\WindowsFirewallConfigurationProvider.msi’.              ccmsetup           2018/11/16 16:55:21     18184 (0x4708)
  • Failed to download client files by BITS. Error 0x800704dd              ccmsetup           2018/11/16 16:55:21     18184 (0x4708)

Now if you simply uninstall  the client and reinstall it will not work. To fix the issue please follow the following steps in order:

Clear up the previous installation information:

  • Open CMD and go to the location where CCMSetup.exe resides on the managed device then run CCMSetup.exe /uninstall command
  • Stop the services from task manager:
  • SMS Agent Host Service
  • CCMSetup service
  1. Delete following folders:
  • \windows\ccm
  • \windows\ccmsetup

      2. \windows\ccmcacheDelete following files:

  • \windows\smscfg.ini
  • \windows\sms*.mif (if present)

      3. Delete following registry keys:

  • HKLM\software\Microsoft\ccm
  • HKLM\software\Microsoft\CCMSETUP
  • HKLM\software\Microsoft\SMS

      4. Remove the 2 SMS certificates in the local certificate store

  • Run MMC.exe as administrator and launch the certificate panel to the local computer
  • Expand Certificates > SMS and Delete both certificates

      5.Delete WMI namespace from powershell: 

  • root\ccm
  • Get-WmiObject -query “SELECT * FROM __Namespace WHERE Name=’CCM'” -Namespace “root” | Remove-WmiObject
  • root\cimv2\sms
  • Get-WmiObject -query “SELECT * FROM __Namespace WHERE Name=’sms'” -Namespace “root\cimv2” | Remove-WmiObject
  1. In Task Scheduler library, under “Microsoft” delete the “Configuration Manager” folder and any tasks within it.
  2. Restart the machine.

Reinstall the SCCM client manually:

  1. Please copy the the whole client installation files from the network share folder \\<Site Server Name>\SMS_<Site Code>\Client\ to C:\temp\Client\.
  2. Run the below command

CCMSetup.exe /source C:\temp\Client SMSSITECODE= ABC


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