Going Serverless In AWS

Serverless OverviewComputing with LambdaContainer OverviewContainers in ECS or EKS FargateAmazon Eventbridge Serverless Overview Serverless does not mean we do not use computers to run our code. Computers are essential in running code.But in Serverless computing we focus on code and leave the management of the compute architecture behind. Its an extension of the cloud computing... Continue Reading →

Short introduction to Big Data

Hi Guys, this discussion is about Big data and how it's changing the way we look at data.We will discuss few tools available in AWS cloud for processing Big data. Redshift DatabasesData processing with EMR(Elastic Mapreduce)Streaming data with KinesisAWS Athena and AWS GlueQuicksightElasticsearch What is Big data : There are 3 main parts that make... Continue Reading →

Decoupling Workflows in Cloud

Hi guys , we are going to cover some topics related to Decoupling workflows in AWS cloud . What is Tight coupling and Loose couplingWhy to have loose coupling architecture while putting applications in cloudHow to handle messaging with SQSHow do you sideline messages with dead letter queues Standard SQS vs SQS FIFODelivering messages with... Continue Reading →

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