SCCM imaging taking 5 hours instead of 30 minutes

Hi Guys ,

Back with a new blog. This time it’s the amount of time taken by SCCM server while doing OSD . Initially we use to image system in 30 minutes to anywhere between 45 minutes. However I found recently the time increased by 200% and it started taking around 5 hours to anywhere between 12 hours and the way i found the fix was through good old SMSTS.log. We had Branch Cache enabled in our environment due to which while doing operating system deployment the client was looking for content in near by workstations which did not had the imaging content leading to time extension by up to 12 hours also.

After checking the SMSTS.log on the problem clients. I found the client is downloading the contents from branchcache and peercache. To get around this issue please follow along.


We disabled the branchcache and peercache in the client settings.

To check if Peer Cache is completely disabled we need to run the following query in the database. After running the query we should not get any results which means everything is fine but it was not the case with our scenario.

SELECT * FROM SuperPeers

select * from SuperPeerContentMap

And after running the query there are still records in the table.

We then ran the following query to clean the records.

delete from SuperPeerContentMap

delete from SuperPeers

Now the issue is resolved and imaging again takes less than 45 minutes which is a big relief.


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