Understanding Windows 10 features and why we should migrate

Hi Guys,

Today i am writing this blog to convey why we need to push towards Windows 10 considering Windows 7 is going out of support on January 14, 2020. I am writing below some cool features for Windows 10 which makes it a must for organisations to move towards a more secure and flexible operating system.

Booting from a VHD

What if you build a Windows 10 Virtual Hard drive and then take that VHD to another machine running Windows  7 or Windows 8/8.1 and boot the machine up from the Windows 10 VHD? Well you can do just that . Windows 10 has the ability to boot from a VHD

Create your VM’s quickly using quick create

Create your own VM’s via quick create from start menu . So exciting .

Quick create your VM’s on Windows 10 Hyper V

Device Stage

In Windows 10 there is built-in functionality called Device Stage which offers enhanced graphic output, giving better details about and functionality to installed devices such cameras. Device manager has allowed to see all the hardware connected but utilizing the features of the devices was something outside the windows interface through third party programs.Windows 10 includes a specification for hardware vendors(knowing that most hardware comes with software for the user to interface with), allowing them to provide user access within Windows.This feature and specification is known as Device stage.

Devices supported by device stage are printers , cameras, Wireless and Bluetooth devices making management of these devices much easier for the end user.

Most plug and play devices are supported by Windows 10.

device stage

Microsoft One Drive

This application allows to connect with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud based utility.OneDrive is a Microsoft-based subscription. It’s built into Windows 10 by default. OneDrive is a cloud based storage. A corporate user can store some personal documents but basically it’s more for a home user to store all documents which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Customize and export Start layout

You can customize and export the start layout and deploy to n number of systems according to your preference . Depends upon what you want the users to see. You can even lock the start layout . Check out the following link on how to achieve the customization :

Customize and export Start Layout

Bit Locker Drive Encryption

Bit locker Drive Encryption helps prevent unauthorized users from accessing files stored on the hard drives by encrypting the drive in its entirety. The user is able to use the computer as they normally would , but unauthorized users cannot read or use any of their files.

Credential Manager

Users can use the Credential Manager to store credentials such user names and passwords. These usernames and passwords get stored in vaults so that you can easily log onto computers or websites.

There are two sections in the Credential  Manager: Web Credentials and Windows Credentials. You can add the credentials by clicking the link next to each of the two credentials sections.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a built-in Windows 10 application that protects your system from spyware and honestly you do not need another anti-virus as Windows Defender is a pretty cool security feature.It starts protecting you system the moment you turn on your system. Windows defender can operate in different modes:

Real-Time protection : In real time protection mode, Windows Defender runs in the background and protects your system as you are working live on the internet or a network.

Scanning option : When you’re in Scanning Option mode , you can run a system scan at any time to check for spyware. This option does not require Windows Defender to be always running.

Command-Line utility : Windows Defender includes a command-line utility called MpCmdRun.exe, which allows you to automate the use of Windows Defender. The MpCmdRun.exe utility is located in the %programfiles%\WindowsDefender\folder.

Power Plans

We have three configurable Power Plans in Windows 10:

  1. Balanced
  2. Power Saver
  3. High Performance

You can configure these plans in Control panel.


I will be adding to this space . Just keep watching and reading.




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