All MEMCM Task Sequences fail with the following error: BOM not found on policy reply “Error. Status code 404 returned”

Hi Guys , back with a new blog on how to get your OSD rocking . Recently i had a request from one of my clients that Task sequences are failing to run and the moment we select any task sequence it fails with the following error : Now looking at the error and logically... Continue Reading →

Understanding Windows 10 features and why we should migrate

Hi Guys, Today i am writing this blog to convey why we need to push towards Windows 10 considering Windows 7 is going out of support on¬†January 14, 2020. I am writing below some cool features for Windows 10 which makes it a must for organisations to move towards a more secure and flexible operating... Continue Reading →

Windows 10 Auto Pilot simplified

Hi Guys , This blog is about the Windows 10 Auto Pilot program .¬† This is the way forward . We have been using different technologies for deploying Windows 10 but Microsoft has come up with the Autopilot program which is similar to Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP) for those of you familiar with managing... Continue Reading →

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