Installing SCCM Clients using PSEXEC


Hi Guys ,

Today i will be talking about the tool PSEXEC . This is a very import tool to do things remotely . First let’s see how to set up PSEXEC .We can install any software remotely through PSEXEC but for this blog we are discussing install of SCCM client. This requirement came when i had to get the SCCM client installed on 100 clients but client push  ports(TCP 135, TCP 445,Dynamic range for WMI connectivity) were not open from the SCCM server to client subnet and i had to use a remote Distribution point in the same subnet as clients to initiate the SCCM client push as ports were open from the Distribution point .


To get started please download the PSEXEC tool as per the following snapshot. Please download and install sysinternals from the following link and copy these 3 files:


Once done browse to my computer and go to C: Drive as per the following screenshot:


Once done browse to the following directory:


Now paste the three files you selected in the system 32 directory and you can either use powershell to operate the PSEXEC or CMD as given in the following screenshot:


Please type PSEXEC and accept the End User Licence Agreement:


There are some switches which can be helpful to you while using PSEXEC :


Once done you can save the list of computer names where you want to install the SCCM client:


Since we have multiple servers where we need to install client we will using the following command for multiple machines. I will also post the command line for installation on single machine as well:


I created a  batch file with the following command to install the SCCM client and point it to our primary site:


Once done save this file in the batch file and use the following command to start the installation:

PSEXEC @”:C\temp\list.txt” –d –h –s –c  “C:\temp\sccmclient.bat”

Just in case you want to install the software on single client please use the following command:

Psexec.exe \\computername –d –h –s –c “c:\temp\sccmclient.bat”

Important note: Please keep the SCCM setup file in the C:\Temp folder from where you will be running the command line.

Voila. You are done. Check after 30 minutes in the console and you should be able to see all clients reporting to the primary site.

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.


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