In Place upgrade from SCCM 2012 SP1 to SCCM Current branch

Hi everyone , I was trying to migrate our SCCM infrastructure and what I noticed was there is not much content available online for doing an in place upgrade from SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 to Current branch . I will be migrating to SCCM 1702 version . Please follow along for step by step process for doing the upgrade .

Inplace upgrade to Current Branch 1702 is supported for the following versions of SCCM:

 An evaluation install of System Center Configuration Manager version 1702

 System Center 2012 Configuration Manager with Service Pack 1

 System Center 2012 Configuration Manager with Service Pack 2 .

 System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager

 System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager with Service Pack 1

To upgrade to Current Branch from one of the above versions, follow the below procedure:

Note: This list is the high level steps required.

1. Ensure the existing SCCM infrastructure is in a healthy state, and is not affected by the following article:

2. Perform the SCCM backup maintenance task

3. Backup configuration.mof

4. Check hardware and software pre-requisites are met:

5. Apply all applicable Operating System updates to site systems

6. Uninstall the following unsupported site roles: Out of Band Management Point, System Health Validator Point

7. Perform a test upgrade on a copy of the SCCM database on a test SQL server . After the test upgrade is complete you will see the following in the Logs:


8. If running multiple replica Management Point, disable SQL replication

9. Remove the current Windows ADK installation from the Primary site server

10. Install the Windows 10 ADK

11. Apply KB3095113 to any Windows Server 2012 based Software Update Points (note: SCCM cannot upgrade if WSUS is in a NLB cluster)

12. Disable the following maintenance tasks: Backup Site Server, Delete Aged Client Operations, Delete Aged Discovery Data

13. Run the setup prerequisite checker

14. Restart the site servers

15. Upgrade to SCCM Current Branch using the SCCM baseline media (currently 1702). Go from the top of the hierarchy down.

16. If required upgrade any replica Management Points

17. If required, re-enable SQL replication

18. Re-configure the maintenance tasks that were disabled above

19. Upgrade any consoles

20. If using MDT, now is a good time to update it to MDT 2013 Update 1

21. Auto update SCCM clients by enabling the “Upgrade all clients in the hierarchy using production client” setting in the Hierarchy Settings properties.


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