Unable to install SCOM 2016 agent through SCCM

Unable to install SCOM 2016 Agent. Getting the following error: “MainEngineThread is returning 1603”

We will get the following error in the MOMAgentinstall.log

Property(S): OpInsightsUnknownErrorDlg_Text = Unknown error was encountered during setup. Please check log file: (%temp%\MonitoringAgent.log).

Property(S): OpInsightsServerKeyValidationErrorDlg_Text = The workspace key could not be validated.  The error returned from the service was:

Property(S): OpInsightsCertificateValidationErrorDlg_Text = The certificate presented by the service was not issued by a certificate authority used for Microsoft services.  Please contact your network administrator to see if they are running a proxy that intercepts TLS/SSL communication.  More details of the rejected certificate can be found in the log %temp%\MonitoringAgent.log.

HI Guys, most of us would have faced this issue where we are unable to install SCOM agent through SCOM or through SCCM. The reason why the installation failed was we didn’t add the AcceptEndUserLicenseAgreement= 1 parameter. We need to run the following command:




Basically, you need to enable “Automatically approve new manually installed agents” option to allow manual install scom agents to be managed.

Hope this helps 🙂


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