How to deploy 1000 printers on multiple print servers in just 45 minutes

Hi Guys ,

This post is about automating the task to deploy printers on print servers . We are usually faced with this task often and specially if you are working with SAP team where printers are controlled by SAP, or you have a huge site where printers are deployed often to print servers .We had a requirement recently to deploy 1000 printers which were controlled by SAP .

So if we try to deploy 1000 printers manually it will take a month , so  I wrote this Power Shell script to automate the task.

The function of the script:

1. You need to have all the information about the printers which you can fill in this excel file and name it printers.csv :


2. Once done run the following PowerShell script to add the printers to the print server .


3. The script will first ping the printer and see if its online and then add the printers with the details mentioned in the excel.

4. This script will reduce man-hours needed to accomplish this task .


If you have any more questions regarding this please let me know .


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  1. It appears that I am having issues with the script, because it is stating the the device already exists… what would be causing that issue?


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