Installing Orchestrator 2016 on Server 2016

Hi Everyone,

This blog is about is installing System Center Orchestrator 2016 on Server 2016. I know it’s very exciting .Please follow along for step by step guide:

Also please find the difference between different Automation tools from Microsoft . I know there s lot of confusion when thinking which product has what function .


You can download the installation from following Link. I downloaded my copy from Microsoft volume licencing.

When you download the ISO you need to extract the files on some location and once done you can follow step by step:

Step 1: Once the files are downloaded we need to start the setup by running the Orchestrator setup.exe.


Step 2: Once you run the setup you will get the following screen click on install.


Step 3: Enter the licencing details.


Step 4: Accept the Eula.


Step 5: Click Next.


Step 6: I am installing all components on one server as this is a test environment. In production you can install different components on different servers. Once done click next.


Step 7: Once you click next it will check the pre-requisites and if something is missing you can fix just by checking the tick box as displayed. Once done click next.


Step 8: It will then install the missing components.Once pre-requisites are installed click next.



Step 9: Once done enter the credentials and click next.


Step 11: Enter the database information.


Step 12: A new database will be created. Click next.


Step 13: Verify the user group ad click next.


Step 14: The default ports are 81 and 82. If you want you can specify accordingly but the recommended ports are 81 and 82.Once checked click next.


Step 15: You can change the location as per your preference.


Step 16: If you are using SCCM to patch then you can select the 2nd option else select the first option and click next.


Step 17: Click next.


Step 18: You will get the summary of all the action performed so far. Please verify and click install.


Step 19: The installation will start and will look like the following.


Step 20: The setup is now complete.


On how to use Orchestrator 2016 I will post a separate blog. Stay tuned J


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