Deploying MS Office 2010 through SCCM 2012 SP1 R2:

Deploying Office 2010 through SCCM 2012 SP1 R2:

Hi All, I was going through the office installation today with some custom requirements where we want to deploy Office 2010 with the following components:




I will be deploying the Volume License edition of Microsoft Office 2010 Standard with SP1. You will need the Office Customization tool which you can download from the following link. If you are already using the Volume License edition OCT will be included with the download.

This information is required because for deploying Office unattended we need to customize the installation which is achieved by OCT.

  1. The first step will be to copy the contents of the Office 2010 into a folder on you SCCM server.


  1. Then run the command : Setup.exe /admin


  1. Once you the above mentioned command you will see the Microsoft Office Customization tool open and then select the option Create a new setup customization file for following product and verify that the product selected is correct .


  1. Select the option Install location and organization name and provide the organization name in free text field :


  1. Click on Licensing and user interface, you can choose a KMS key if you have a KMS server in your organization. If you have a product key then type it. Check the box “I accept the terms in the license agreement” set the Display level to Basic. Choose Suppress modal and No cancel.


  1. Click on Modify Setup properties, Click Add, Provide the Name as SETUP_REBOOT and Value as Never.


  1. Select Modify user settingsMicrosoft Office 2010PrivacyTrust Center. Double click the setting Disable Opt-in Wizard on first run and Set the status as Enabled.


  1. You can then go to feature selection and then select the features you want to install .For me I have selected Excel, PowerPoint and word.


  1. Click on File, Save and save the MSP file in the Updates folder



Creating an application on the SCCM server:

  1. On the SCCM Server, Under the Application Management, right click Applications and select Create Application


  1. Choose automatically detect information and choose the location from office setup files\Standard.WW and select the msi and click next .


  1. Specify the Installation program as exe,choose Install behavior as Install for system. Click Next and Finish.


  1. Right click the Microsoft Office application that you have created and click


  1. Navigate to Deployment Types, Click Edit


  1. The content location is set to setup files\Standard.WW


  1. You need to set the content location to Microsoft Office 2010_X86  (Delete “WW” from the path)


  1. In the Programs tab, set Uninstall program to exe /uninstall.


  1. Right click the Microsoft Application and distribute the content to the distribution Point. Do not proceed until you see the content status of the Microsoft Office as Green. The green color indicates that the content has been distributed to distribution point successfully.
  2. Next we will deploy the Office application to a device collection. Right click the Microsoft Office application and click Deploy .


  1. We will choose to Install the application and Purpose is set as Available.


  1. Select User notifications as Display in Software Center and show all notifications. Click on Next and Close.



  1. On the client computer, launch the Software center, Click Install to start the installation. The application is first downloaded and then installed. Wait for few minutes to complete the installation.
  2. The Microsoft Office is installed successfully.


I hope you have great time deploying Office 🙂


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