Unable to see software updates in software center “Sources are not current”

Hi Everyone ,

Most of us have seen these lines in scanagent.log“Sources are not current” on the client machines . We tend to get confused and fail to understand where the issue is happening . So even if you try to reinstall the client , you will not be able to see any update  in software center . Note : You will be able to see the applications and packages deployed in the software center . Only the updates you will not see .This will usually happen if your clients were first getting patched through WSUS and then you moved to Configuration manager . Hence  the registry value by default is not deleted by SCCM where all the details of the WSUS server are kept . You have to delete the registry value either through script or manually.

The following is the registry value you need to delete :



Delete the AU folder and run the Software scan through configuration manager Applet in control panel and within minutes you will be able to see all updates in software center .And you will see the following in the scan agent.log which says Sources are current and valid . This is the message you should always see in scan agent.log .


I hope this article helps you fix the most common issue seen in Configuration Manager hierarchy .

Do write if you have any queries and i will be happy to help .


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  1. HI, I did what you said and deleted the AU key only to get the error Sources are current, but Invalid. TTL is also invalid.

    The specific error code is Scan Failed with Error=0x8024401f

    Can you help?


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