BackUp and Recovery in Microsoft System Center DPM 2016 for your cloud and physical machines

A complete backup solution can ensure availability of your business-critical infrastructure even in case of any disaster or failure. System Center provides an end-to-end backup and disaster recovery for infrastructure and workload. System Center allows you to extend backup solution to the cloud via native integration with Operations Microsoft System Center 2016 | 18 Management Suite. With new System Center 2016, you can perform backup and recovery operations at different levels including complete backup and recovery or item-level or end-user recovery.


Infrastructure backup and recovery

System Center 2016 Data Protection Manager (DPM) provides unified backup and recovery for data on physical, virtual, or cloud. It also gives flexibility to choose different options to store backup data including traditional tape storage, physical/virtual disk, or in the cloud.

  • Centralized management: Scale your System Center 2016 Data Protection Manager solution to multiple DPM servers, and monitor and manage your DPM servers from a centralized location. Centralized monitoring of DPM servers from a single location means that you can monitor different versions of DPM, and track the status of servers, tasks, protected resources, tape libraries, available storage, and disk space. You can enable role-based access control, remote recovery, remote corrective actions, and service level agreement (SLA)-based alerting (alerts are generated when an SLA is broken and with alert consolidation)
  • Item-level recovery: System Center supports item-level recovery (ILR) to perform recovery for any specific file, folder, volume, and virtual hard disks from a host-level backup of Hyper-V virtual machines to a network share or a volume on a DPM-protected server. It doesn’t require installation of a DPM protection agent on a guest operation system to perform ILR.
  • Protection of virtual TPM-enabled VMs: System Center supports and works with latest features of Windows Server 2016 for protection of virtual TPM enable virtual machines. Virtual TPM encrypts VHDs and VHDXs with BitLocker.
  • Backup VM using Storage Spaces Direct: System Center also protects virtual machines using Storage Spaces Direct (S2D). It includes backup of virtual machines using the S2D hyper-converged scenario with the Hyper-V (compute) and Storage Spaces Direct (storage) components on the same cluster, and the backup of virtual machines using the S2D disaggregated scenario that separates out Hyper-V servers (compute) into a separate cluster from the Storage Spaces Direct servers (storage).
  • Support for mixed-mode clusters: Cluster OS Rolling Upgrade is a new feature of Windows Server 2016 to upgrade an operating system of cluster nodes from Windows Server 2012 R2 to Windows Server 2016 without stopping workloads. DPM can protect data sources in these mixed clusters, and will protect them seamlessly and without interruption during a cluster upgrade.

Workload-aware backup

Application workload backup is critical to ensure maximum application availability. System Center supports a wide range of application workloads protection.

  • Application-aware backup: With System Center 2016 Data Protection Manager, you can protect application workloads including SQL Server, Exchange, and SharePoint. It provides flexible backup options, including the ability to back up some workloads as frequently as every 15 minutes. DPM, with its broad range of recovery capabilities, provides application-specific recovery options. For example, customers can replace a current production SQL Server database with an older copy, recover databases to another location for investigation, or recover as files for providing a copy to the legal department.
  • Multiple backup store: System Center 2016 Data Protection Manager provides multiple options to store backup based on requirements. Apart from backing up data to disk and tape, you can back up data to the Azure cloud for short- and long-term storage using the Azure Backup service.

Advanced backup

System Center 2016 enables retention and off-site protection of on-premises data and physical and virtual machines:

  • Extend backup and recovery to the cloud-based resources: Enables backup of data to an Azure Recovery Services Vault in addition to disk and tape backup. Backup to the Azure Recovery Services vault allows long-term protection of data to cloud.
  • Backup of VMware virtual machines: Provides backup of VMware virtual machines while DPM is deployed on a VMware virtual machine running Windows.
  • Backup Windows or Linux VMs: Allows backup and recovery for virtual machines running Windows or Linux operating systems.
  • Backup of bare metal machines: Includes full bare-metal backup for physical computers running Windows Server and Windows client operating systems.
  • Resilient Change Tracking for incremental backup: Uses Resilient Change Tracking to identify changes made in VHD and replicate those changed blocks to perform incremental backup

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