SCCM 1706 supports updating old boot images to latest ADK level without creating new boot images

Hi Guys,

This is a quick one . Most of us would have faced this issue where we update the ADK version , or the SCCM version and then you have to create the new boot images as you no longer can add the drivers to the old boot image . This is what I was thinking when I upgraded Configuration Manager to 1706 . But thanks @Microsoft we now have the option to update the boot image to latest ADK level without the need to create a new boot image every time we update ADK or SCCM version.

Steps to update the boot image :

1. Once you have updated SCCM to 1706 with the latest hotfix, please browse to the Boot images under operating system node in Software library :




2.  Once done please select the boot image you want to update . Right click on the boot image and select update distribution point .




3. Put a check mark on reload this boot image with the current Windows PE version from the Windows ADK and click next till finish . Voila you can now add the drivers and customizations  to your old boot image Smile





4. Result is the following boot image with all the options back:




I hope this helps Smile


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