Update Rollup 1 for Microsoft System Center 2016 Orchestrator is now available

Voila !

Hi everyone , today i will cover how to go about installing 2016 Orchestrator  step by step  and also to let you know that the Microsoft System Center 2016 Orchestrator General Availability Update Rollup is now available. This update rollup package provides a collection of minor improvements to Orchestrator and  recommendation is  that you apply this update rollup as part of your regular maintenance routines.

You can update to Roll up using the following link:


Now how to go about the installation Step by Step please follow as read along :

Installing System Center 2016 Orchestrator

  • The first step is to extract the iso from and run the MSI .Once you run the msi it will extract the install files in the folder selected by you .Then browse to the location .


  •       Then run the setup file and you will see the following screen:


  •   Click on install to begin the installation and enter the product key . If you do do not     enter the product the evaluation version will get installed .


  •     Once done please click on accept license terms:


  •     Click on Next to proceed:


  •     Click to select the options required by you :


  •  Please enter your credentials for the service account as this account will be used to run  runbooks and deploy integrations packs .


  •  Please enter the details of your dataase server which will host the Orchestrator database .


  • Once done you can specify the name of the database .


  • Now the next step ask to specify the usergroup for users who will use the Orchestrator . If do you not have any group you can just click next else you can click on browse and select the specific group.


  • You can leave the ports as it its just if you want to stick with default configuration .


  • Select the installation location .


  • Click next to proceed .


  • Click next .


  • Confirm if the installation summary is correct .


  • Upon successful completion you will get the following screen to tell you the installation has completed successfully.


Post install procedures:

Open the Deployment Manager, Orchestration Console, and Runbook designer. Ensure all consoles open successfully.

  • Make a directory on the local SCORCH server such as “C:\IntegrationPacks”
  • Copy to this directory, the downloaded IP’s
  • Open the Deployment Manager console
  • Expand “Orchestrator Management Server
  • Right click “Integration Packs” and choose “Register IP with the Orchestrator Management Server
  • Click Next, then “Add”.  Browse to “C:\Integration Packs” and select all of the OIP files you copied here.  You have to select one at a time and go back and click “Add” again to get them all.
  • Click Next, then Finish.  You have to accept the License Agreement for each IP. Now when you select “Integration Packs” you can see these IP’s in the list.
  • Right Click “Integration Packs” again, this time choose “Deploy IP to Runbook server or Runbook Designer”.
  • Click Next, select all the available IP’s and click Next.
  • Type in the name of your Runbook server role name, and click Add.
  • On the scheduling screen – accept the default (which will deploy immediately) and click Next.
  • Click Finish.  Note the logging of each step in the Log entries section of the console.
  • Verify deployment by expanding “Runbook Servers” in the console.  Verify that each IP was deployed.
  • Open the Runbook Designer console.

Note that you now have these new IP’s available in the designer for your workflows.


Stay tuned for more Orchestrator updates 🙂



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